Northampton Central Area Action Plan 2013

Table of Contents

Page No
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Northampton Central Area: Spatial Portrait
Chapter 3: Policy Context, Northampton Central Area Vision and Strategic Objectives
Chapter 4: Sustainable Spatial Strategy
Chapter 5: Accessibility and Movement
Chapter 6: Spatial Development Strategy
Chapter 7: Infrastructure, Implementation and Monitoring

Appendix: A. Character Areas Related to Policy 1
Appendix: B. Gateways: Role and Function
Appendix: C. Street / Movement Corridor Typologies
Appendix: D. Open Spaces within the Central Area
Appendix: E. Parking Standards: Central Area Zones
Appendix: F. The Character of Shopping Frontages
Appendix: G. Development Sites: Indicative Outputs
Appendix: H. Potential Housing Sites
Appendix: I. Policies Replaced by Central Action Plan Policies

Policy List Page No
Presumption in Favour of Sustainable Development Policy
Policy 1: Promoting Design Excellence
Policy 2: Tall Buildings
Policy 3: Public Realm
Policy 4: Green Infrastructure
Policy 5: Flood Risk and Drainage
Policy 6: Inner Ring Road
Policy 7: Bus Interchange: Fishmarket
Policy 8 Safeguarded Public Transport Route
Policy 9: Pedestrian and Cycle Movement Framework
Policy 10: Parking
Policy 11: Town Centre Boundary
Policy 12: Definition of Primary Shopping Area
Policy 13: Improving the Retail Offer
Policy 14: Meeting Retail Capacity
Policy 15: Office and Business Use
Policy 16: Central Area Living
Policy 17: Grosvenor Centre Redevelopment
Policy 18: Abington Street East
Policy 19: Castle Station
Policy 20: St John’s
Policy 21: Angel Street
Policy 22: Bridge Street
Policy 23: Upper Mounts / Great Russell Street
Policy 24: Spring Boroughs
Policy 25: The Waterside
Policy 26: The Waterside: Brampton Branch St Peter’s Way
Policy 27: The Waterside: Southbridge West
Policy 28: The Waterside: Avon / Nunn Mills / Ransome Road
Policy 29: The Waterside: Becket’s Park
Policy 30: The Waterside: Nene Meadows
Policy 31: Market Square
Policy 32: Drapery
Policy 33: Freeschool Street
Policy 34: Former Royal Mail Sorting Office
Policy 35: Telephone Exchange, Spring Gardens
Policy 36: Infrastructure Delivery