Northampton Central Area Action Plan 2013


Appendix: G. Development Sites: Indicative Outputs in the Plan Period


R:      Retail

D:      Dwellings

H:      Hotel (bed number) (All figures in m²)


O:       Office

* :       A3

?:      Delivery development on external influences (see policy)

           (All figures in m²)


Table G.1 Development Sites  Indicative Outputs in Plan Period


Policy Areas

Phase 1


Phase 2      


Phase 3



Fishmarket: Bus Interchange (Policy 7)

Interchange and ancillary retail




Offices and Business Use (Policy 15)



Up to 132,500sqm O

for phase 1-3

Late delivery in Plan Period as ‘edge of centre’ Flood risk mitigation as appropriate

Grosvenor Centre Redevelopment (Policy17)


37,000 R


Bus station relocation to enable demolition in Phase 1








Policy Areas

Phase 1 2011-16

Phase2 2016-2021

Phase 3 2021-2026


Castle Station (Policy 18)


26,000 O


270 D


Securement of public funding


Redevelopment of station and car park prior to commercial development

Abington Street East (Policy 19)


9,000 R


Potential to relocate Library facility

St John’s (Policy 20)

250 R


464 Student Accommodation



Access from Victoria Promenade

Angel Street (Policy 21)


27,000 O

62 D

In the short term: NCC decision to relocate operation to town centre location


Medium to long term: commercial potential to redevelop site. Site allocation allows for a mixture of hotel/residential/small scale retailing/fi nancial services/restaurants/cafes/ bars/public houses

Bridge Street (Policy 22)



8,000 O


34 D


Upper Mounts/ Great Russell Street      (Policy 23)




Late delivery in Plan Period as ‘edge of centre’


Site allocation allows either residential/offi ce/small scale employment/community facilities/leisure/education/small scale retailing: amounts to be determined through Masterplanning / planning application process

Spring Boroughs (Policy 24)




Community engagement for future planning.


Site allocation allows housing / employment development and detail will be determined through Neighbourhood Planning.

Policy Areas

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3



The Waterside: Brampton Branch St Peter’s Way                          (Policy  26)


200 D

70 D

Removal of gasholders and decontamination / remediation prior to site availability.


Flood risk mitigation measures


Subject to junction improvements etc to enable access / capacity

The Waterside: Southbridge West      (Policy 27)




Flood risk mitigation


Site allocation allows either offi ce/leisure/residential, amount to be determined  through Masterplanning / planning application process

The Waterside: Avon / Nunn Mills/ Ransome Road                          (Policy 28)


16,000 O

1,000 D

1,000 D

Impact on A45 junction improvements – London Road and

Bedford Road

Flood risk mitigation


Land contamination mitigation prior to / phased with



Educational use connected with the University of

Northampton would also be acceptable in principle

The Waterside: Becket’s Park                          (Policy  29)

500 *

20 D



Marina completed

The Waterside: Nene Meadows                   (Policy 30)


250 R


Funding streams coming on line

Market Square          ( Policy 31)




No net change known – change of use and public realm improvements

The Drapery               (Policy 32)


17,000 R


Delivery of Grosvenor Centre redevelopment

Policy Areas

Phase 1


Phase 2


Phase 3



Freeschool St    (Policy 33)


2,500 O


50 D


250 R


The successful removal and decontamination of the gasholders 

Land assembly 


Protection and enhancement of Scheduled Monument

Former Royal Mail Sorting Office    (Policy 34)

119 D



Allocation allows offi ce/residential uses amount to be determined through Masterplanning / planning application process.

Telephone Exchange, Spring Gardens
(Policy 35)



50 D

Decommissioning of telephone exchange

Potential Housing sites not considered through policy allocation.