CIL Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules Consultation for the Partner Local Planning Authorities in West Northamptonshire

Within West Northamptonshire the three local authorities of Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire have been considering the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The councils have asked the West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit to coordinate this consultation on their behalf.

Recent work has informed preparation of a Preliminary Draft Charging Schedule (PDCS) for each individual authority in West Northamptonshire. Publication of this information represents the first consultation stage in considering how the CIL may operate in these areas. The CIL is a charge that can be placed on new development. CIL is intended to be used to help towards funding a range of infrastructure that is needed as a result of development, for example road schemes, schools and community facilities. The PDCS documents provide more details about the CIL and the proposed charging rates.

The consultation period for all three authorities on their individual PDCSs ran from Thursday 14th March through to 5pm Monday 29th April 2013. The consultation is now complete.

The representations made in respect of this consultation are no longer available.


A copy of the Questionnaire used in the representation form can be downloaded for reference here

The information provided through the links below includes the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules for each partner local council and the supporting evidence that. The supporting evidence includes the CIL Economic Viability Assessment, prepared by GVA, and the West Northamptonshire Infrastructure Delivery Plan (2012 Update).


The following CIL PDCS Consultation Documentation can be downloaded below for reference: 

The Daventry District PDCS was approved for consultation at the Strategy Group meeting held 14th February 2013.

The Northampton Borough PDCS was approved for consultation at the Cabinet meeting held 13th February 2013.

The South Northamptonshire District PDCS was approved for consultation at the Cabinet meeting held 11th February 2013.

The supporting evidence, which should be read alongside the Preliminary Draft Charging Schedules, can be viewed here:

Copies of this documentation can also be viewed at the main Council offices of Daventry, Northampton and South Northamptonshire and at all District libraries within the West Northamptonshire area.

Any questionnaires completed offline can either be e-mailed to or posted to the following address:

West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit, The Guildhall, St Giles Square, Northampton NN1 1DE

What is the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)?

The CIL would be charged and collected by each individual local authority. CIL would be charged per square metre of new development for many types of new building in their area. It is likely to become an important source of funding for infrastructure and services.

The three local authorities in West Northamptonshire have been working jointly to undertake the necessary preparatory work for considering the introduction of the CIL. This is required to look at the level of infrastructure and services necessary to support development alongside a viability assessment that seeks to determine what development can afford to contribute towards necessary requirements. The evidence recognises that other sources of funding will be required and remain important to meet the full requirements of infrastructure and facilities.

A more detailed overview of the CIL is available on the West Northamptonshire JPU website here. For further information on the general approach to the Community Infrastructure Levy and the proposed future work programme, please contact:

Jonathan Goodall, Planning Officer (Information and Monitoring)   

Tel:                 01604 838022 (direct line)  


This consultation has now closed.


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    14 Mar 2013 at 00:00
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    29 Apr 2013 at 18:00
  • Response Published
    05 Jul 2013