Joint Core Strategy - Proposed Main Modifications

Section 17.0 - Monitoring and Implementation Framework



Policy/ Paragraph


Proposed Main Modification

Reason for Change



New Paragraph

Modifications proposed as a consequence of the further work requested by the Inspector.

Insert a new paragraph 17.19 at the end of the section entitled ‘Housing Trajectory’:

“The base for the 5 year land supply calculation is the housing trajectory set out in Appendix 3, and specifically the “NEED” lines shown.  Although the trajectory will be updated each year in the Authorities Monitoring Report, the “NEED” lines will not change, and performance will always be measured against these base figures.  Under or over provision as set out in Appendix 6 The Monitoring Framework will invoke the contingency provisions indicated there.”

To clarify the baseline for the calculation of the 5 year housing land supply.