SA Addendum Scoping Report

5 Conclusion and Next Steps

Conclusion and Next Steps

5.1         In order to meet the requirements of the SEA Directive, the views of the three statutory consultees (Natural England, English Heritage and the Environment Agency) are being sought in relation to the scope and level of detail to be included in the SA reports. It should be noted that the SA framework presented in Chapter 4 has already been subject to consultation when it was originally presented in the SA Scoping Report for the Joint Core Strategy (2006).

5.2       This SA Scoping Report Addendum is being published for consultation with the three statutory bodies, other organisations, interested individuals and the general public for the statutory five week period (and one additional day to compensate for the August Bank Holiday) from Thursday 25th July – Friday 30th August 2013.

5.3       In particular, the consultees are requested to consider:

  • Whether the information provided in Chapter 3 of this Scoping Report provides a suitable and accurate summary of the contextual baseline for the additional SA work, bearing in mind that the appraisal of reasonable alternatives for the SA Addendum will draw on the studies and other evidence provided to support the Joint Core Strategy, as well as spatial data as presented in the series of maps in Appendix 1.
  • Whether there are any additional key sustainability issues relating to the areas likely to be affected that should be included.
  • Whether the approach proposed to the appraisal of reasonable alternatives is appropriate in the light of the additional work required by the Inspector.
  • Whether the existing SA framework is robust and comprehensive, and is suitable for the additional SA work.
  • Whether the reasonableness criteria are appropriate and are suitable for identifying reasonable alternatives.

5.4        Comments received from the statutory consultees will be considered and addressed during the appraisal of the additional reasonable alternatives, and incorporated into the SA Report Addendum, which will be made available to other stakeholders and the general public for wider consultation alongside the proposed modification to the Joint Core Strategy.





July 2013